Family Ski Holidays - from £321pp

We realise the fondest family memories come from a good family holiday, great company and more importantly a great experience that lasts a lifetime., not only offers you a large array of possible destinations for your family, we also want to make sure that all the locations we offer you are of the highest quality for the most affordable price possible.

Family Ski Holidays 2018 / 2019

Forget the wasted time scrolling through the endless travel agents and useless holiday booking websites, cut out the middle man and carefully select the most suitable options for you and your family.

Best Family Ski Holidays

We've racked our brains and come up with, what we think, are the top five family friendly resorts for your perfect family skiing holiday.

1. La Plagne, France

La Plagne ski resort is often a popular choice for many families, elected first place for the world ski awards, we believe you will be in safe hands. This is often a popular choice for those with younger children due to the large areas of flat grounds and undemanding slopes. Beginners and intermediates will get the most out of the ski area by staying in one of the higher accommodation centres, such as Belle Plagne and Plagne Centre. The resort has two terrain parks in one at Belle Plagne - two separate zones for different levels of skill. In terms of restaurant and accommodation, there are options for all price points all in close proximity to the slopes themselves, therefore, we are sure you will encounter some breath-taking scenery.

2. Obergurgl, Austria

Obergurgl is just one of the highest ski resorts in Europe, providing challenging slopes, breath taking scenery and an experience of a lifetime. It is proven that many Brits loyally return to this ski village every year as it’s situated in a small, safe, traditional village, with little traffic and serene ambience, ideal for a family holiday. The resort is mainly focused on intermediate slopes, however, there is a nice selection for beginners too. The large variety both costly and cheaper options, yet all providing high quality, traditional cuisine, which will help you truly indulge into a new culture and lifestyle.

3. Cervinia, Italy

Cervinias dramatic scenery and staggering white slopes provide many challenging, thrilling routes. For an avid skier this would be the ideal destination, to test your limits and try something new in beautiful surroundings. Although, Cervinia provides many complex routes, the resort also makes sure that easier, less demanding routes are available for less experienced skiers. The resort also provides two ski schools to offer support and guidance to those wanting to start from scratch or even build on previous skill. A variety of restaurants are available for all price ranges, however, they are focussed on luxury cuisine, and this is due to the access to the extended ski resort. However, accommodation is incredibly reasonably priced and are often family run hotels in the town centre, giving access to other activities if you want a break from the slopes.


4. Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen is often described as the perfect break, from the natural terrain to dramatic glacial features and dramatic slopes, this small town offers a bit of everything. There are miles of winter walks entertain non-skiers and families, as well as a massive 155 miles of pistes to explore further. This location offers a variety of slopes for experienced skiers to beginners, therefore, this location is ideal for family holidays to suit younger participants as well as adults. Wengen also offers a large variety of high quality restaurants and bars to provide a lively nightlife scene with beautiful scenery. All accommodation is also located closely to the resort meaning only a short walk is needed to get to the slopes as well as the village to access other activities.

5. Tremblant, Canada

Tremblant is a beautiful, vibrant, traditional village with a distinct French feel. A small, traffic free village with a variety of shops and other activities, there could never be a dull moment. With both a view over the local lake and the slopes the scenery will also fail to disappoint. The mixture of blue and red skiing routes allow families of all ages will be able to access the slopes easily and will feel comfortable with their skiing experience. The resort is full of instructors and guides to help small children make take their first ski in the snow. The resort provides both serene, exquisite dining experiences as well as vibrant nightlife options.

Cheap Family Ski Holidays

There are many sites available that can guide you to your ideal destination for a cheap price., has a stress-free way of finding you the best deals for your particular needs. However, to be able to find the best deals possible, late august may be the best time to book. Towards Christmas time and even following onto New Year, all bookings are sold out. Therefore, it is recommended that an early booking with some preparation may give you the best chances of giving yourself the largest range of options and to be able to select the right package for your price point.

Family Ski Holidays Austria

Austria is an extremely good choice for a family friendly destination due to the multiple courses available for the kids to make progress with their skiing skills. We know you want your kids to feel safe and comfortable during their skiing experience to leave long lasting memories. Austria also offers also offers a large range of slopes both blue and red routes that can ease you into the slopes. Austria is well known for winning on the value-for-money stakes, with everything from basic holiday costs to lift passes, ski schools, eating out and partying costing less compared to other popular ski destinations.

Family Ski Holidays with Childcare

We realise Childcare on skiing holidays can often be a burden on your shoulders, however, there are many more options than you may think. Often families choose to take their child to a ski school when they are under the care of multiple highly trained skiing instructors. You should also look out for local nurseries in the area that would be able to look after your toddler if they are not old enough to take part in other activities.